Justrite Undercounter & Countertop Polyethylene Storage Cabinets

One-piece, seamless polyethylene cabinets offer maximum protection against harsh acids and corrosives. Both models are clearly labeled for acid contents and accept a padlock (not included) for security.

Countertop Polyethylene Cabinet stores up to 2 4-litre bottles. Door can be hinged from either side for best countertop space utilization. Polyethylene spill tray inside contains leaks and removes for easy cleaning. A separate polyethylene tray stores under cabinet.

Undercounter Polyethylene Cabinet safely stores 30 1-litre bottles or a variety of containers. Each segregated compartment has an adjustable shelf and storage in both doors for small containers. 2 removable sumps slide out for easy cleaning of incidental spills. 2 vent holes (with removable caps) on backside accommodate pressurized vapor removal systems.

Product Code Product Description Color Size Unit

Justrite Non-Metallic Undercounter Polyethylene Storage Cabinet, Capacity: 30 1-liter bottles, 2 doors, 2 Adj. shelves, Ext. Dimensions 35" x 36" x 23.5"

Dark Blue 35" x 36" x 23.5" pc

Justrite Non-Metallic Countertop Polyethylene Storage Cabinet, Capacity: 2 4-liter bottles, 1 door, Ext. Dimensions 19.5” x 14.25” x 16.25

Dark Blue 19.5” x 14.25” x 16. pc

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